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Re: Support for submitting bug reports

On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 07:37:32PM -0400, Erinn Clark wrote:
> Also, I believe Colleen and Matthew Palmer were working on something
> similar. Do you two have any comments on this?

I think a "mentoring" scheme for bug reports is a good thing, where people
come to the collective wisdom of the group and say "I think this is a bug;
can you help me flesh it out?" and get help.  I'd be inclined to try and get
something going in d-mentors for it, but the actual venue isn't a
first-level priority over getting it happening.

What Colleen and I are working on (well, kinda -- I've dropped the ball a
little on it) is more of a general mini course of study on the BTS -- how to
look at, manipulate, and report bugs.  It focuses more on the "how" rather
than the best practices (and how to avoid getting laughed at) but it does
have some basic "what a good bug report includes" type stuff, which would be
a decent start.

> > - get some people involved in submitting bug reports who might otherwise 
> > have difficulty with doing that.  This will increase their participation in 
> > debian and will hopefully encourage them to think about particpating more 
> > in the future.
> True enough, and submitting good bug reports often helps find fixes (or
> teaches you more about your system).

Absolutely.  I'd encourage everyone who thinks about reporting a bug to
spend a little time thinking about the bug and trying to get as deep into
the problem as possible -- it's better than average that I do that and find
the fix (or why it was my fault in the first place).

- Matt

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