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Re: Debian Dict in Progress and Include in D-W website

* Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> [2004:09:19 19:06 +0200]: 
> Now I have created language negition files for Apache for all three 
> dicts.
> so calling dward.var should show the page in the best fitting language 
> (eg. dward.de.html)
> Other features:
> - Links directly from dward to according translation page entry on 
> other languages than main lang (english)
> - Links from dward to entries in glossary pages for main lang
> - Links from translation files to glossaries in same language as the 
> entry is.
> - "missing" files creation for each language for missed translations
> - VARIABLE files creations for language related text enries in the 
> Dictd files and web pages

I don't really understand how this works, but it's interesting. I'll have
to investigate further in a bit. I wanted to address the following
questions though..

> Todo:
> One of the questions now is, if and how the Dicts can be included in 
> the Debian-Women Website.

I think that perhaps this is something you can work with debian-www on,
assuming they'd be interested in having an acronym reference on the devel/
section of the website. They might also have ideas about streamlining the
content negotiation aspect.

> I still do not see the possibility to upload the files there. And I 
> still do not know, how the files should be like (header, footer...).

You have to be a member of the project in order to be able to upload files.
If you've got an account, I can add you. In the htdocs directory of the
website, I've got a fairly detailed account of how the website is setup so
that people know what's going on and can work around it.

> What is about the WML suggestion?

I was under the impression that Anja and Rudy were working on this. Anja is
a member of the project and is able to upload and change things.

> Will DW even be WML?

I hope so. :)

> What about installing the Wiki?

Anyone that is a member of the project can do this. I also assumed that the
wiki-advocates that are a part of the project would work on this section.

> How do people get access?

Tell me your alioth username and I'll add you to the project.

> Who has the possibility to make changes to D-W?

Anyone who is a member. :)

> What about giving project Status at D-W Website?

I'm not sure what you mean by this. As in "where are we, what we need help

> What about the ToDo List?

I'm open to suggestions. I was also under the impression that this would be
done on the wiki, which hasn't been installed yet. Anyone can do this, not
just me.

> BTW: Is there a reason, why nobody answered to Fabian's mail about how 
> to include translations of D-W website? - Or did I miss something?

As I said above, I thought that Anja and Rudy were working on this.
Hopefully one of them can give us an update.

As an aside, if more people are going to work on the website, we should
probably get some kind of revision system setup. I've only ever used arch,
but it has been mentioned to me that perhaps it's not the best choice for a
website. Any arch/SVN/CVS gurus that are present, please toss comments in
my direction before I do this. (Off-list email is fine if people are
concerned about staying on-topic or don't wish to get into long discussions
about which is better in general. I'm just looking for impartial advice.)

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