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Debian Dict in Progress and Include in D-W website


The Dictionary has made a lot of progress last days:

DWARD - (Debian Women Acronym Reference Dictionary)
Bilingual Dictionaries for some languages
Debian-glossaries for some languages

While the first on contains a lot of Acronyms there is to be done lot of work to the other files though

Now I have created language negition files for Apache for all three dicts. so calling dward.var should show the page in the best fitting language (eg. dward.de.html)

Other features:
- Links directly from dward to according translation page entry on other languages than main lang (english)
- Links from dward to entries in glossary pages for main lang
- Links from translation files to glossaries in same language as the entry is.
- "missing" files creation for each language for missed translations
- VARIABLE files creations for language related text enries in the Dictd files and web pages

Example for german language:

If you find AM in http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian-women/dward.de.html, you will see the link behind "Application Manager" to the entry in http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian-women/debian-en-de.de.html. There you will find another link behind Bewerbungsleiter to http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian-women/debian-glossary.de.html, where you can read, what this person does in Debian Project.


One of the questions now is, if and how the Dicts can be included in the Debian-Women Website.

I still do not see the possibility to upload the files there. And I still do not know, how the files should be like (header, footer...).

What is about the WML suggestion?
Will DW even be WML?
What about installing the Wiki?

How do people get access?
Who has the possibility to make changes to D-W?

What about giving project Status at D-W Website?
What about the ToDo List?

BTW: Is there a reason, why nobody answered to Fabian's mail about how to include translations of D-W website? - Or did I miss something?




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