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Re: wiki test

(espaniol abajo)
What i understood about Anja's proposal was to have more funcionalities
than the site we actually have. We can use both, the one Erinn proposed
and the Anja's one. The wiki can be a lot of help to write notes and
documents about discussions or projects that can appear from this group
debian-women. It can help too to democratize the project and make a
better participation. For sure it can help to support (and include) the
people that speak less english but like the debian project and the
binomy women/tecnology.

(english above)

Lo que entendi de la propuesta de Anja fue la idea de agregar mas
funcionalidades al sitio de las que hay actualmente. Podemos usar los
dos, tanto el de la propuesta de Erinn como el de Anja. El wiki tambien
puede ayudar a escribir notas y documentos sobre las discusiones o
proyectos que aparezcan en el grupo debian-women. Tambien puede ayudar a
la democratizacion del proyecto y hacer una mejor participacin. Seguro
puede ayudar a incluir a la gente que habla menos ingles pero gusta del
proyecto debian y del binomio mujer/tecnologia.

El jue, 26-08-2004 a las 13:38, Anja escribió:
> > It looks... very similar to the other site, but it's backwards and doesn't
> > quite have the same design. Is this a limitation of the wiki or of how far
> > you have gone with it?
> My idea was show you can customize it, you only have to look the 'default'
> pmwiki (www.pmwiki.org) as the bit customize i shown...
> It's backwards only because i like so :-) Change it is only move 3 lines up in
> the template. I didnt make it exactly as current d-w webpage because
> i would need some time more, and i wanted only made a demo.
> I could edit the template and made exaclty it with current d-w webpage,
> just adding the multi-language options and wiki commands.
> But i dindt want spend too much time in a work i dont know if is going to be 
> useful.
> > I like the design on the alioth site, but I would be willing to compromise
> > for a "similar enough" design if a wiki really is a better format (which
> > I'm not quite convinced of just yet).
> >
> > Multi-language is nice, easy editing is nice, but I share Erinn's distaste
> > for wikis. Hopefully you can prove otherwise :o)
> >
> I think i should say in my last mail  i dont want change current desing,
> i only want show wiki is a good idea. 
> I cannot understand why do you think wiki are not good. What do you think is 
> better?
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