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Re: wiki test

> It looks... very similar to the other site, but it's backwards and doesn't
> quite have the same design. Is this a limitation of the wiki or of how far
> you have gone with it?

My idea was show you can customize it, you only have to look the 'default'
pmwiki (www.pmwiki.org) as the bit customize i shown...
It's backwards only because i like so :-) Change it is only move 3 lines up in
the template. I didnt make it exactly as current d-w webpage because
i would need some time more, and i wanted only made a demo.
I could edit the template and made exaclty it with current d-w webpage,
just adding the multi-language options and wiki commands.
But i dindt want spend too much time in a work i dont know if is going to be 

> I like the design on the alioth site, but I would be willing to compromise
> for a "similar enough" design if a wiki really is a better format (which
> I'm not quite convinced of just yet).
> Multi-language is nice, easy editing is nice, but I share Erinn's distaste
> for wikis. Hopefully you can prove otherwise :o)
I think i should say in my last mail  i dont want change current desing,
i only want show wiki is a good idea. 
I cannot understand why do you think wiki are not good. What do you think is 

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