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Re: wiki test

At 12:53 on Aug 26, Anja shook the earth with:

> Hi all.
> As i said, i made a little wiki-demo using pmwiki.
> You can take a look:
> http://gaba.protest.net/debianwomen
> Comments are welcome and thank you Gaba for the host.

It looks... very similar to the other site, but it's backwards and doesn't
quite have the same design. Is this a limitation of the wiki or of how far
you have gone with it?

I like the design on the alioth site, but I would be willing to compromise
for a "similar enough" design if a wiki really is a better format (which
I'm not quite convinced of just yet).

Multi-language is nice, easy editing is nice, but I share Erinn's distaste
for wikis. Hopefully you can prove otherwise :o)


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