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Re: The prevailing Debian culture

Quoting Andrew Suffield (asuffield@debian.org):

> > Throughthis he has become the "informal" d-i leader. And it is a
> > good thing that his word counts more than mine.
> No, it really isn't. And doesn't. Everybody has precisely the same

Well, I promised myself I wouldn't follow up on what I consider
trolling from yourself.

I find the way you argue with others really interesting.

Several d-i project contributors just tell you that the way the
project they contribute to is working is, in their opinion, the best
appropriated way for this project.

I could add the same arguments myself....but, indeed, that wouldn't
change your mind in any way.

So what? We tell you the project we contribute to is working and
working well and just mention that no it doesn't....though I never saw
you appearing in its mailing list or its IRC channel.

Mr Barnard, no idea how much you were paid for this argument so I have
no idea of how long you will repeat over and over "oh no it
isn't". Looks like the Argument Clinic opened again.

/me cross fingers hoping we only paid for the five minute argument and
not the whole course.

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