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Re: Proofreading of a part of a document about "gender neutrality"

> Come on, the only possible conclusion of this line of reasoning is
> that communication between two people is impossible.

Not at all.  Humans communicated quite successfully long before
dictionaries or grammarians came about.  A large portion of one's
vocabulary is learned through a mixture of (1) having heard the word
before, (2) context, and (3) similarity to / decomposition into other
words.  A vast portion of one's vocabulary was *not* learned by running
for a dictionary or asking a passing linguist.

If you were studying Latin roots in the cradle then I applaud you.  Most
poeple do not learn language this way.

> Anybody who reads a piece of text and expects to be offended, will
> be. Anybody who reads the same piece of text and expects not to be
> offended, won't be. The contents of the text do not matter.

I certainly wasn't talking about offense.  A piece of text does not have
to be outright offensive to be worth changing, just as a bug does not
need to be RC to be worth fixing.


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