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Re: Proofreading of a part of a document about "gender neutrality"

On Saturday 21 August 2004 00:56, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > "The world is made up of both men and women. Please use
> > gender-neutral constructs in your writing. This is not Political
> > Correctness, this is showing respect to all mankind."
> >
> > And in fact, I'd like  to lose "mankind", too, and replace it with
> > "humanity" or "people".
> Is this because it contains "man" or because this is a better English
> word for what I would write in French "Humanité", which represents
> the community of men and women around the world?

Interestingly enough, "humanity" has "man" in it too, but like 
"mankind", its origins have nothing to do with gender.

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