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Re: No goals, selective memory, be nice, red nose day

On 2004-08-20 14:54:31 +0100 iain d broadfoot <ibroadfo@cis.strath.ac.uk> wrote:

* MJ Ray (mjr@dsl.pipex.com) wrote:
You should have spotted this in the FAQ. The grrls-only list and some chapters use overt sexual discrimination. [...]
	Surely this isn't sexual discrimination any more than having
	female and male toilets...

iain, I tried to take this off-list because debian-women is not really the place to discuss linuxchix. However, you seem to disagree with that.

I can't believe you just compared linuxchix to a toilet! 8-O Nevertheless, to use your comparison, there are not usually guards by the toilet doors (not even at gigs/clubs I've been to where "multisex activities" happen in them, according to the venue owners) and unisex toilets do exist, although they're not common in England.

I don't think it would be right or a solution, but anyway: what men-only groups are provided by linuxchix? Please reply off-list. I am not subscribed to debian-women.

MJR/slef    My Opinion Only and not of any group I know

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