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Re: No goals, selective memory, be nice, red nose day

On 2004-08-19 03:49:15 +0100 Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es> wrote:

You probably don't mind about it because you're
assuming they're men.

Surely you have no evidence (or basis in reality IMO) for that statement? Indeed, I don't think it's the case: do you think all equal ops supporters assume everyone shares attributes with them?

You don't mind if women
participate in Debian or not? The problem is that we
mind, and we want to do something about that.

Fine. There should be limits on what you do about it, stopping short of repeating sins claimed against you.

debian-women is NOT closed to anyone, you can join it
if you like.

No, debian-women as a whole is not closed and I did not say it was. Some small parts already seem to be closed and it seems likely that there will be more if left unchecked, given the other projects people admire.

Its purpose is to encourage women to
involve in the development of Debian. Are you against
this purpose?

Not exactly. In general, I encourage all people to get involved in developing debian. I don't think it matters whether they are women or not, though.

About LinuxChix, It is a project OUTSIDE Debian, and
we're free to belong to any project we want.

Sure. And I'm free to dislike that project and try to avoid its errors being repeated inside debian.

I am not subscribed and request a cc. (Andrew, LP has little to do with the buggy MFT.)

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