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Re: No goals, selective memory, be nice, red nose day

MJ Ray wrote:
Carla Schroder wrote:
I shouldn't feed the troll, but what the heck. So here's how it goes:
Likewise, I'm sure.

adopting a role of a troll will only make you a target.

one of the reason this list exists is because trolls target minorities.

it takes a long time for minorities to gain respect in the wider community,
especially when trolls make waves and take chunks out of people for no
good reason.

1. You don't support Debian-Women
2. You disagree with our goals, and don't think we should even exist

"Our goals"?!? Collectively, you still have no stated goals! How can I disagree with them or support them? It turns out there is practically nothing to support or disagree with.

if you are so interested in this community, you may have read all the archives,
and if you have done so, you would have noticed that this community is fairly new.

creating a set of goals takes time. there has been discussion about the goals
of the community, on and off list. as you appear not to be subscrided, you may
have missed these.

This is part of the problem with discussing whether or not a debian-women list should exist. When I tried to research, explain and form conclusions, I got flamed to a well-done crisp because it's not the way it looked, or so I'm told.

see troll comment. theres been discussion about feeding trolls. sometimes
there can be an overreaction.

3. You come only to whine, nitpick, complain, and criticize, and never ever ever do even a single constructive act

You are simply ignoring constructive acts. I have tried to reply usefully to RFCs and questions. I have no interest in constructing a segregated space, so it shouldn't be surprising I don't act towards that.

there are reasons that women may want to create a segragated space.
must you insist on being one of them?

For comparison, what constructive acts are you doing on-list? Last week, you come only to greet, flame, AOL and post URLs, AFAICT.

4. But you still want people to be nice to you, and treat you well, and accept you as a member of the community. Which you are very clear you disapprove of, and do not support

Well, even if so, why not? This list claims friendliness and intolerance of bigotry, yet it's ferpectly pine for anyone not praising debian-women to be attacked by listers with flames, abuse, public IRC logs or conspiracies of silence. Such behaviour will get no rebukes here.

see the comments about feeding the trolls.

I never did count you as a supporter, just a prime example of why groups like Debian-Women are needed. Though this is approaching comic relief.

The next comic relief/red nose day is 11 March 2005, so I guess it's approaching.

I am a prime example why groups like debian-women work against their aim: I believe in equal opportunities in debian for all, regardless of irrelevant characteristics like sex. I don't even know whether there are any women amongst those I collaborate with on packaging, for example (because I don't know some of the people well enough yet and it's not that important). In future, I will try to avoid many of the posters to this list on some things. I guess it helps that me to know who you are: a purpose for debian-women!

i believe you have misunderstand the purpose of this community.

The idea of parts of the debian project being closed to a particular sex or race is offensive to me, yet some debian-women participants support similar moves in other projects or call things like linuxchix "a great community". The solution to running into a wall is to knock it down, not build your own! The other likely offensive move is promoting the idea that "friendly," "welcoming" and similar notions are essentially linked with "women". Thank you carla for tirelessly working to kill that myth. ;-)

i do not believe that the debian-women project is closed, open only to

this project is here to help women in the large community that is debian.
there are men here too. if either of these ideas are too hard to contemplate
then perhaps you should pull your head in and contentrate on something else instead.

I am not subscribed and I request a cc, although I fully expect carla to ignore the request yet again. I don't set Mail-Followup-To because djb's proposal is buggy. (On broken email clients, when is mutt getting List-Post support?)

its funny how those who are most pedantic about mail standards are often the least
agreeable people ;)


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