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Re: How to volunteer for something on debian's todo list?

On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 06:06:54PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:

> No sense in even contacting the current maintainer, unless you have a) a
> patch you want to submit to him, or b) specific questions you need
> answers to in order to complete such a patch.
> > * what would be the appropriate list to post further questions to?
> > (-devel? -- for the moment leaving aside any of my worries about being
> > taken seriously there, as a totally unknown debian newbie...)
> Yes, -devel.
> > * anything else I should know?
> That I didn't remember this particular todo list even existed, so I
> don't know it would be something I'd recommend it as a starting point
> for getting involved in Debian.  You at least seem to have picked one of
> the less interesting/important tasks listed there, which accounts for
> why no one has tackled it yet. ;)

This prompts me to mention about the debian-net-admin mailing list,
where are the people who are effectively actively maintaining ifupdown
at the moment (and who make the ifupdown NMUs).

Thomas Hood and others have now (AFAIK) moved the ifupdown state into
tmpfs if tmpfs is found, which goes a bit in the direction of that
TODO item.

People wanting to get involved in ifupdown development should somehow
get in touch with that list.  I'm not sure if it's invitation only�I
can't find mentions about the list on the web), but I'm on it because of
guessnet, and I can ask if someone is interested.



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