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Re: Help for woman guru debian linux E Mail adress

On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 07:19:32AM +0800, Weaver wrote:
> Hello,
> Am cross-posting this as it has no application here, and there is a 
> remote possibility that it may be a genuine communication if somewhat vague.
> Could be harvesting - hotmail address and msn sig.
> On the other hand it might just be genuine, with remote ssh even.

I doubt it. There are some persons around with 10+ years experience
with Apache (That is , they started with version 1.2.x and run it on
linux kernel 1.2.xx, or earlier), but Samba... Samba is not older
than Windows 95, (which appeared in September 1995) so it has at most
nine years, if not "only" eight. So...

> >Profile desired: with a very great professional experience (+10 years
> >Apache Samba) knowing to make immediate decisions, free, being able
> >to travel speaking perfect English (or very little Indian melody).

Is a dead giveaway for me. The person asking just hadn't done his homework.

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