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Dict and Glossary


Coming back to topic...

In IRC I was asked to add the Glossary of terms to the dictionary.

So here are the new files created from Source dictionary list:



With German translations:


I'd consider to make some changes to the program creating the dictionaries. as the English description is in the German dictionary, too - which was okay only for the acronyms, I think.

To add the dictionaries to your dictd sources, you will have to fetch both: dictionary file and index file. Copy them to /usr/share/dictd/. If you did not have a prior version of the files, you will have to make the dictionary available to dictd by starting "dictdconfig -w" and restart of dictd by "/etc/init.d/dictd restart". After that you should get access with "dict -d debian term" - e.g.. "dict -d debian Advocate". If you do not have more dictionaries installed, you may leave out "-d debian".

I consider the following for the future:
dividing the dictionary in glossary and foreign language dictionaries as I did for our (non-commercial) contax-users.de photo dictionary. On the web pages then the translations and terms will be linked to the glossaries in the same language. Her is a link to that still incomplete dictionary, but you may get an impression of what I am talking of: http://www.contax-users.de/woerterbuch.e-d.xml . The source for that dictionary consists of two files: Translations and Glossary - both in any alphabetical order. Out of those simple "::" divided list of pairs, the pages are created automatically, including links from dictionary to glossary and alphabetical order. To get an English glossary, a third file would be to add there.

Hmm... I'll do a revised version of the program today in the evening, so we can get multiple language glossaries and dictionaries and keep them in sync.




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