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Re: On debian lists, we cc if asked

Ce jour Sun, 15 Aug 2004, MJ Ray a dit:

> On 2004-08-15 03:23:49 +0100 Almut Behrens <almut-behrens@gmx.net> 
> wrote:
> Why is pointing something out automatically "patronizing" to this 
> list? debian-women is the most rude and hostile list I've encountered 
> for years. Really, if you behave like this, it is no surprise that 

hehehe, you haven't been on debian-devel in the middle of flame wars
then, have you? :)

> some of you find debian unwelcoming. Most DDs do not suffer fools 
> gladly. I think those subscribed to debian-women must have the 
> patience of saints.

meh. buggerwugger.

> I am not subscribed to debian-women and request a cc.

so be it. lighten up :)

"... being a Linux user is sort of like living in a house inhabited
by a large family of carpenters and architects. Every morning when
you wake up, the house is a little different. Maybe there is a new
turret, or some walls have moved. Or perhaps someone has temporarily
removed the floor under your bed." - Unix for Dummies, 2nd Edition

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