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We want your stories!

Hi all,

There has been a fair amount of discussion on the list about
impressions people have about stuff like the New Maintainer process
that may or may not be accurate.  It seems like a collection of
firsthand accounts from people involved in the Debian project would be
helpful to those who are trying to choose an area to contribute to, or
just want to know what to expect from a certain process.

If you are involved in the project as a developer, New Maintainer,
translator, web person, QA person, etc. and would like to contribute
to this effort, please submit your story by email to me (Colleen) at
evilpig@gmail.com.  These accounts will be put in a new section on the
Debian-Women web page.  Some of you have already shared your
experiences with the list - Carla will be contacting you to ask for
your permission to include them on the page.

The "fine print":
- All contents of the Debian-Women site must be licensed under the
GPL, so this will include your stories.
- Your stories will be edited for grammar and spelling.

- The newer the story, the more relevant it is likely to be.  We
definitely welcome all submissions, but we especially encourage
submissions of those who have recently completed the New Maintainer
process, for example.
- We thought that doing this interview-style with specific questions
might be rather constraining, but there are certain areas that it
would probably be helpful to touch on.  These may include: your
motivation to become involved with Debian, your first steps towards
that, a description of what you actually do in this position, what
type of skills have benefitted you, suggestions you have for others
who are interested in doing what you do, etc.
- Try to keep it to a reasonable length.  Detailed stories are
encouraged, but if "My Epic Saga of the New Maintainer Process" would
be an accurate title for your submission, you might want to consider
editing it down some.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to the thread or
to email me directly.  Thanks so much, and we are looking forward to
your contributions!

- Colleen

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