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Re: Trolls

 hi all,
i dont write that much to this list but some have seem me asking questions on the channel...i think i said this before when i intruced myself in here..but i am not a debian developer or anything..i am an user who wants to learn more..thats all..but on the way of learning tech things i missed a place where i could be interacting with other women and helping some of them to pass through the process of learning without having to be shy of not knowing, not been a geek etc..
that is why i joined debian women...
i just would like to say that i totally agreed with michelle...i have to confess that i didnt read all the emails..1-no time, 2-it was depressing to see this list focusing on this and not moving on to what it should be focusing bout..which is getting to know who is in here and who is in here to work on the debianwomen project and to be working together on that...
for me till now things are pretty loose ....i dont know anyone in here..maybe gaba and biella..i have no idea of the working groups debian has already...i am pretty much just watching to see where all this will go and how i can fix in it ...right now i dont see how i can be helping..but i just think that ppl here has good ideas and intention and they should keep focus on that 
we dont need here to explain why we needed this space..cuz we all have been fighting and wanting this space for a long time..i believe that those who dont see this space good enough to exist..shouldnt be participating on it at all ..should just log on projects that make sense to them...
one thing is someone to jump in and  try to understand ssup with debian-women..why we created and what are our plans...
and the other is to jump in and not try to see why we are here for and just be critical about it...
i dont know..
i just agree with what michele said

Michelle Murrain <tech@murrain.net> said:
> Hey all,
> I spent a weekend away from my email, and returned to find that a number 
> of women (and men) on this list have taken an inordinate amount of time 
> and energy justifying the existance of this list and responding to 
> someone who will *never* be satisfied.
> This is just a basic truth, there are some people, largely people who 
> have never experienced oppression, who will never see the need for the 
> existance of groups for people who have been traditionally oppressed, 
> whether it be because of gender, class, race/ethnicity, sexuality or 
> nationality. And in fact, many will choose to use the strategy of 
> calling those groups "discriminatory" as a way to delegitimize the 
> existance of those groups.
> Those of us who have experienced oppression understand at a gut level 
> why we need groups like debian-women. We don't need to spend our time 
> and energy justifying our existance to people like the troll. Honestly, 
> I'm not interested in spending my time reading responses to people who 
> are purposely trying to be disruptive.
> As the troll himself mentioned, let's not feed that behavior.
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> going, and why we are here." -- Seyyed Hossein Nasr
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