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Hey all,

I spent a weekend away from my email, and returned to find that a number of women (and men) on this list have taken an inordinate amount of time and energy justifying the existance of this list and responding to someone who will *never* be satisfied.

This is just a basic truth, there are some people, largely people who have never experienced oppression, who will never see the need for the existance of groups for people who have been traditionally oppressed, whether it be because of gender, class, race/ethnicity, sexuality or nationality. And in fact, many will choose to use the strategy of calling those groups "discriminatory" as a way to delegitimize the existance of those groups.

Those of us who have experienced oppression understand at a gut level why we need groups like debian-women. We don't need to spend our time and energy justifying our existance to people like the troll. Honestly, I'm not interested in spending my time reading responses to people who are purposely trying to be disruptive.

As the troll himself mentioned, let's not feed that behavior.

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