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Comments on the FAQ

In accordance with http://cytosine.org/~helix/lemonade/blog/dw_1.html suggestion, here are some comments on http://women.alioth.debian.org/ -- this is not exhaustive.

General FAQ

Debian Women is described as affiliated to debian, but I can't find a debian affiliate page on www.debian.org, so can this be explained further?

"workshops for young girls" seems ambiguous, possibly sexist. A less sexist option could be better expressed as something like "workshops aimed at young girls" or "workshops designed for young girls".

LinuxChix is a group that has sex-segregated lists and permits sexism by its chapters, as far as I can tell. As you know, I don't think a debian group should endorse that discrimination. (I don't know the other groups mentioned much.)

The TODO link goes to the top of the FAQ page, not the TODO.

The answer to "Why isn't there a debian-men" seems not directly relevant to debian-women. It was used by some supporters to answer "why isn't debian-women sexist?" but it's not really an answer for that. It might be better to answer that second question explicitly and drop this answer.

List FAQ

The list of lists not to be reproduced is narrow. Should it be extended to include -project and -newmaint, or generalised to "other debian lists"?

The advice on ignoring trolls seems to contradict the linked document's advice to educate users about trolling. I suggest, if a troll appears, whoever is currently responsible (one!) should concisely point out to list and troll why the troll is considered so (and not just "you are a troll AICM5P").


If it is necessary to set IRCNAME not to be insluted in the channel, that should be stated in the FAQ.

The policies for using different channel- and user-altering flags (like +b and +m) should be explained.

The stated vague intolerance for flaming seemed not to exist during my visit.


The Profiles page is described as listing only women. Is that accurate?

The TODO link is broken (/todo is not found) and the IRC FAQ link goes to the current page.

Most of the rest of this page comes from debian-www's CVS, doesn't it?


This might be different, as it's clearly marked as one person's view: Systers is a sexist group only admitting women. Is it appropriate for linking?

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