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Re: why language matters

Carla Schroder wrote:

Language is powerful- it shapes thoughts and perceptions. It really does matter, and I think it's within the scope of Debian-Women to take on a task like this. It's pretty simple- one of the biggest perceptions we're trying to overcome is that Debian is a big ole boy's club, that doesn't want any stinky old girls. When documents like the one Helen cited only talk to men, it reinforces the boy's club perception.

Agreed.  Language shapes our world.

Actually, I've just sent a bug report in for this. Now I'm wondering whether or how much I'm going to get jumped on for complaining about it, for not filing it for a real package, for anything else in general. I may live to regret this...

Anyway, please add whatever comments seem good to you, once the bug report gets back to the mailing list (I X-Debbugs-CC'd it), and reword my suggestion for that particular webpage however you like. I started with Carla's paragraph (hope you don't mind that Carla) and added a moderately sensible alteration of the rest, but we can quite possibly do better (mind you the original wasn't exactly amazingly good anyway).


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