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Re: why language matters

* Carla Schroder (carla@bratgrrl.com) wrote:
> It's interesting that we have to explain why certain language is
> sexist.  Am I right in assuming that it's the non-native English
> speakers who aren't getting it? I know that English grammar books
> teach that the male pronouns are generic, and include women. Well, the
> books may say so, but in the real world male pronouns = male. Period.
> Most of the English-speaking world understands this, at least in the
> US, and attempts to use inclusive language.


	I've been re-reading this today, and it still hits me hard how
	sexist the english language as it is commonly used is.

	Fixing this is as important as removing racist/homophobic
	language on www.d.o, i think.


	(not a female geek, but born of one, engaged to one, and friends
	with many)

"If sharing a thing in no way diminishes it, it is not
rightly owned if it is not shared." -- St. Augustine
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