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Re: why language matters

On Monday 02 August 2004 3:48 pm, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> Carla Schroder wrote:
> [...]
> > Language is powerful- it shapes thoughts and perceptions. It really does 
> > matter, and I think it's within the scope of Debian-Women to take on a 
> > like this. It's pretty simple- one of the biggest perceptions we're trying 
> > overcome is that Debian is a big ole boy's club, that doesn't want any 
> > old girls. When documents like the one Helen cited only talk to men, it 
> > reinforces the boy's club perception.
> Agreed.  Language shapes our world.
> Actually, I've just sent a bug report in for this.  Now I'm wondering 
> whether or how much I'm going to get jumped on for complaining about it, 
> for not filing it for a real package, for anything else in general.  I 
> may live to regret this...
> Anyway, please add whatever comments seem good to you, once the bug 
> report gets back to the mailing list (I X-Debbugs-CC'd it), and reword 
> my suggestion for that particular webpage however you like.  I started 
> with Carla's paragraph (hope you don't mind that Carla) and added a 
> moderately sensible alteration of the rest, but we can quite possibly do 
> better (mind you the original wasn't exactly amazingly good anyway).

Hee, I've noticed a lot of Debian docs could use a bit of, er, improvement, so 
when my current commitments are completed, I'm going to volunteer to assist 
in document production and editing. Quite a few Debian authors are not native 
English speakers, and they still do a pretty good job, so I think helping 
with the final polishing will be a useful contribution.

Carla Schroder
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