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Re: Supporters brief-up

Erinn Clark wrote:
2. The supporters page is still controversial

I have been pretty much reading most of this thread, but I probably have missed a few things. I did think, though, it might be time to weigh in.

One suggestion that I have is that it might make sense to define supporters rather broadly. For instance - there are women who may remain simply debian users and not have the time or inclination to become debian developers - and they could also be considered "supporters". It isn't the same as having support from the debian community - but it is an important source of support for the whole effort.

One thing I'd say, though, if there is anything that would have the potential to turn any number of women away from this effort, it should be avoided. Controversy is a normal, natural part of any sort of process like this, but I'd say, err on the side of not alienating women.

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