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Re: Supporters brief-up

All feedback for today is up.

There's a beta (and highly unofficial, in no way endorsed by the
project) site up, with some info and resurces regarding the Debian Women
Project at: http://debian-women.opensource-knowhow.com/

Please don't see this as a fork, or an attempt to hijack anything.
I just wanted the feedback I got in a place more visible than my own

Also, working on this has made me feel much beter. Feel free to send
your fellow Debian Developers my way if they want to express their
support too. I don't think I'll be sending out more questionnaires any
time soon. 

I really hope this makes up for all the previous fuckage, and, yes I am
aware that some of you don't agree with the existance of this page. I am
open to any kind of feedback, including the "ban this girl" kind.  

Off to bed now :-)

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