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Re: Supporters brief-up

> open to any kind of feedback, including the "ban this girl" kind.  

Do not ban this girl..:-)

Amaya, you're full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm is also deeply
needed. So, don't give up, the recent glitches are away now and there
will be other occasions of flames and conflicts in the future. 

Girls, I'm pretty convinced one of the major quality you have (yes,
I'm of of these people who think that, no, men and women are not the
same) is most often far more tempered and less subject to angryness. 
After more than 20 years of work experience, this is one of the
reasons which make me deeply appreciate when working with women.

I deeply home this list will not show the climate some other Debian
lists may have from time to time (-devel comes to my mind, but
-user-french is not bad for that respect....:-)))

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