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another unlurk here. I subscribed last week, after hearing mako and micah and matt tell me of this list. that was after i mentioned to them how few women seemed to have voted in the recent plebiscite on the sarge release.

what i would hope to get, from those on this list, and Debian developers in general: help in becoming a Debian developer: packaging, etc; and other things to learn to be able to contribute.

what i can give: some assistance, based on my experience. I've been working on indymedia for four and a half years, sometime-helping with riseup.net, worked for 5 years doing sysadmin for seattle community network( scn.org). i started programming (omygawd) 30 years ago, but am very much out of practice. currently my employment involves managing a group of gibraltar firewalls (www.gibraltar.at), a couple dozen or more Debian-based servers, et al.


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