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Re: Debian-women support?

* miluz <miluz@free.fr> [2004:07:24 10:39 +0200]: 
> I'm not agree at all with "debian-women". I think that Debian is needed 
> women, not the contrary. So, when you will have finished to congratulate 
> yourself, I hope that you will start to work.?????

Well, I think you've jumped to conclusions a little. That's the whole point
of the project - to get women working in Debian. Since we're not moving
fast enough for you, how would you like to help? I can send several things
your way that need to be translated into French. Or would you like to help
host a bug squashing party? Introduce women to the Debian BTS and QA?
Maybe give a tutorial on package maintenance or cdbs or some such? Help us
write man pages for Debian? I look forward to your assistance. :)

> Male opinion is that it is the first time that a debian-list is not 
> created in a pure tecnical objective. I'm agree with them, and I didn't 
> want to subscribe, but I was strongly charged to engage this debate with 
> you.

Many people have opinions about things they've not done any research about.

> I've suggested, in France, to find an other name to this list - like 
> "debian-enlist"- starting on a female page on the site debian.org, which 
> allow us the greatest latitude to talk about feminism (that I need too). 
> But also to make workers outside our fight. The danger is to deprive us 
> of men's knowledge and information we need, they will fastly be 
> discouraged, disgusted of their own part of guilty, and tempt to troll us.

Right. "I have no idea what this project is about, but you're doing it all

> They are not gently between them, because of the high level of debian. 
> Why do they have to be gently with us? Do you want to continue to be 
> traited like poor little things? I know that women are not well traited 
> all around the world, but debian is a really good way to forgot our 
> feminin condition. The best tool we can have to start to work without 
> difference. You are not agree?

Again, you seem to have missed the point.

> Don't broke this chance. It's not the time - really not - to 
> discriminate ourself. I'm tired to see women braking my efforts, the 
> strong path I've followed to be considered by them as equal. If you have 
> not undestood what I say, and changing your way of thinking, strategy 
> and name, I'm afraid to be obliged to unsubscribe from it, and continue 
> to work with all hard, but competent and for the majority friendly men 
> I've met here.

I fear you don't understand our strategy or purpose. If you're interested
in learning, I'd be pleased to tell you more. Unfortunately, your abrasive
tone and assumptions are not confidence inspiring. 

Miluz, we have the same goals. If you weren't on the defensive from the
beginning, you might not have missed this.

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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