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Re: Is "debian-women" crashed ?

Hello David, 

Am 2004-07-18 12:52:29, schrieb David Nusinow:

>another GR was voted on with a set of options to deal with the problem. The
>outcome of this vote was to postpone the Social Contract changes until after
>sarge released. The flamewars over these two GR's were massive and wearisome.

It was/is heavy....

>Within the past few days, there was a GR proposed to make sure sarge releases
>with amd64 support. No one has ever proposed a GR based on technical issues


For every thing, - there is a first ime !


>before, and there's a great amount of controversy as to whether this is
>effective and fitting with the spirit of the project. It's lead to hundreds of
>mails each day on debian-devel, and has not only raised questions of forking

Never I had a discussion of this size !!!
My debian-devel Mailbox is filling up....

>Part of the reason I poked fun at the issue is that the whole debian-women
>effort seems to be a good way to get people interested in Debian without having
>to slog through the tiresome political vitriol that recent GR's have created.
>Erinn has created a great opportunity here, and I hope people take advantage of


> - David Nusinow


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