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Re: Hello all :)

* Nora Bernhard <n.bernhard@efkon.com> [2004:07:14 11:01 +0200]: 
> I have already signed up for an alioth-account and would like to somehow
> contribute to the debian-women project - yet I don't know how ... My
> mother tongue is German (I live in Austria), but iirc there already were
> some proposals for German translations; my knowledge of other languages
> (French, Italian, Russian) is just basic. I like to do web-stuff, but
> for I am not (yet) the programming-kind of girl, I am just able to do
> plain old HTML or customizing some CMS ... Maybe you have an idea,
> Erinn?

Hi Nora :)

Sure, there is plenty of non-technical stuff to do. One thing that would be
very helpful is for someone to go through some of the "women in tech" links
that I gave in my announcement about the alioth project and collect some of
their ideas and other information that would be helpful to us. Also, doing
a write up of the websites (what they're about, where they're based if
they're regional, stuff like that) would be great. In addition, finding
more websites in a similar vein would be good as well. A lot of work has
been done to encourage women in technology, but I know of no other
distribution that has made a specific project for this. I'm not interested
in reinventing the wheel, but I'd desperately like to improve it. 

Until I figure out a few alioth details, you can email me these things
directly and I'll add them to the very basic workup of the website I have.
Once I have more information about how everyone can add to the website
themselves, I will let you all know. Thanks a lot for your interest, I'm
sure I can think of more things for you to do if this is not quite enough.

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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