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Re: help wanted! get involved! make Debian-women work!

Can I ask a dumb question about manpages:

Just to let anyone who's interested in this issue know, there's a missing
manpages project located here: http://qa.debian.org/man-pages.html which tells
you exactly what packages are missing what manpages. Basic instructions are at
the top of the page. I've contributed a bit to this project, and have written
manpages for my own packages, and I've found that using perl's POD format and
the docbook format for making the manpages are both incredibly easy.

Just looked at the list. How come there are missing manpages for a bunch of kde things that presumably have instructions in the kde user manuals that you get to through the help menu. An example is kedit. I would have thought there was some tool that translated those instructions into manpages. Aren't there a bunch of tools that do that kind of thing?

Just wondering. I guess I can see myself writing the odd manpage for something that already had instructions. Writing one for something that didn't have any documentation would be a lot harder - you'd have to know everything it does or wade through the code, I assume.


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