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help wanted! get involved! make Debian-women work!

Ok ladies, let's get this show on the road! Erinn has done a heroic job of 
getting this list created, and hosting set up on http://alioth.debian.org. 
These are Very Large Achievements. Let's keep things moving forward!

Here are things that need to be done:

Sign up on http://alioth.debian.org for an account. That's the first step. 
Then you'll be ready to sign on to the project(s) of your choice.

After that, tell Erinn so that she can add you to the project. For
non-developers, your login name will be yourname-guest, so make sure
when you tell her what it is. You can invent a project, or join an existing 
one. See the list below for ideas. Get creative! This is your chance to do 
Cool Things!

We need content for http://women.alioth.debian.org/! And folks to run the 
backend- posting pages, site design and layout, and such.

Here's some ideas for content:

 - linuxchix.org
 Include brief descriptions of what each link is about, and any 
country-specific information.
 - Linking to other Debian resources will also be good, but I suspect we
   don't need to have someone gather those since they're all on one
   site. :)

 - Showcase women in tech. We can start with Debian-women. Lots of women think 
they are too insignificant. Well, that's just not true. Profiles will 
introduce us to each other. Profiles will increase the visibility of women in 
Debian, and in tech. Visibility is the #1 key to encouraging and supporting 
women in tech.

Technical stuff:
 - Scripts, howtos, cool commands- anytime you learn something new and cool, 
no matter how small you think it is, write it up! The Linux world is composed 
of zillions of tiny little things working together to make big things. It all 

 -This is an international group! Translators needed for like everywhere! 
Unless you want this to be yet another US-centric project...  :)

Other docs:
 - This might be a more organic thing that grows over time. Erinn volunteers
   to write the mission statement, since this project is partially her
   fault. If anyone has ideas for other docs pertaining to this project,
   feel free to submit them to Erinn or the list.

TODO list:
 - Staying organized gets things done without driving everyone crazy. Someone 
please volunteer to take charge of the TODO list.

That's what we have so far. Ideas welcome, and people to do the actual work 
are highly prized and valued and adored! 

Carla Schroder
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