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Re: News: women.alioth.debian.org

* Erinn Clark <erinn@double-helix.org> [2004:07:07 19:06 -0400]: 
> So, good news: our Alioth project was approved today!

Despite the long email I already sent, I actually *forgot* some stuff
(or thought of it after the fact!):

Supporters page:
 - Anyone want to take care of this? 

Events page: 
 - We'll also need a contact person for this who is willing to keep
   information updated on events related to Debian Women, as well as
   outside events such as conferences where people will be speaking.

 - Slightly different than the events page - perhaps something that
   lists upcoming conferences and gives links to their calls for papers?
   I'd like to get women out and giving talks: we are often very
   underrepresented at technical conferences.

Press: (?)
 - Supposing that we get attention, perhaps a list of women willing to
   speak to the press (or someone willing speak to them on our behalf or
   direct them to the right people) would be helpful? Enrico informed me
   today that there will be a blurb written about the project in Linux
   Magazine, so this is not really a far-fetched idea, and it might be a
   good idea to have something prepared just in case. $DEITY help us if
   Slashdot finds out.

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