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Bug#821397: intent to sponsor an upload to NEW

control: tag -1 -pending

Hello Birger,

On Wed 30 Jan 2019 at 04:44PM -07, Sean Whitton wrote:

> Pushed to DELAYED/14!


I have been fighting with Debian's upload queue for the past few hours
because I discovered that the -2 upload was not processed.

I was able to get it processed through to DEFERRED through some manual
hacking of the .changes file, but then when I cancelled the -1 upload,
the -2 upload was left in a state that would cause it to be REJECTed 14
days from now (the .orig.tar.gz was removed).

Could you `dch "Try upload again."; dch -r; git commit; git push`,
please?  Then I can try again with a -3 upload.

I would do this myself but I don't have push access to the swaywm-team.

Sean Whitton

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