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Bug#821397: intent to sponsor an upload to NEW

Hello Birger,

On Wed 30 Jan 2019 at 12:07PM +0100, Birger Schacht wrote:

>> Firstly, I want to ensure that Nicolas is adequately credited for having
>> done the majority of the packaging work (so far as I can tell); at the
>> time of writing, where master is at 9303b617, I don't think this is
>> true.
>> Secondly, I want to ensure that the Maintainer and Uploaders fields
>> adequately reflect Debian's social conventions about who gets final say
>> over the contents of the package.  Right now only Birger is listed.  As
>> has already been pointed out this could be interpreted as a kind of
>> package hijack, which we don't want.
> Sorry for the confusion, i'll try to be more considerate of existing
> work next time!

No problem.

> Future uploads by me should then be NMUs, i guess?

No, they would be normal maintainer uploads (confusing terminology,

>> The last e-mail we have from Nicolas, saying that they are waiting for
>> sponsorship, indicates that they still want to maintain this package in
>> Debian.  On the other hand, Birger has worked on the package recently,
>> and I want to unblock him.  So I think this is a suitable compromise.
>> Birger, if this sounds good to you, please apply my diff, and then run
>> `dch -r` again to refresh the timestamp in d/changelog.
> done and pushed to 08230095

Thanks.  I neglected to do a d/copyright check yesterday and have found
some problems with d/copyright that need to be fixed before I can

- the Source: field is wrong

- the protocols/ dir needs accounting for (look in the files there)

Sean Whitton

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