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Bug#821397: intent to sponsor an upload to NEW

Hello Birger,

On Wed 30 Jan 2019 at 07:24AM -07, Sean Whitton wrote:

> Thanks.  I neglected to do a d/copyright check yesterday and have found
> some problems with d/copyright that need to be fixed before I can
> upload:
> - the Source: field is wrong
> - the protocols/ dir needs accounting for (look in the files there)

You've pushed new commits, but unfortunately they are not adequate.

The License: LGPL-2.1-or-later is not standard (use LGPL-2.1+) and
should refer to the full license text in /usr/share/common-licenses.
Please use codesearch.debian.net to find the standard way to do it.

The copyright dates for the protocols/ files that are due to Drew
DeVault are not accounted for in d/copyright.  They include files dated
2018, but d/copyright does not reflect that.  I suggest

    Copyright: © 2016-2018 Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>

Sean Whitton

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