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Bug#779305: Update on dependencies

On 10/02/2017 06:42 AM, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> On 10/01/2017 10:42 PM, Hubert Chathi wrote:
>> I don't think contrib would help since packages in main aren't allowed
>> to build-depend on things in contrib.  I think it would be OK to include
>> the pre-built JS files as long as they're the same as the resulting
>> files, so that people can verify that it's built properly.  Also, since
>> they're un-minified, and the build process seems to be mostly trivial
>> (some macros and removing comments and asserts), it isn't that hard to
>> see that it does come from the source.
> contrib route can be useful as a prototype package when there is a lot
> of dependencies to be packaged or has circular dependencies. I had
> uploaded babel to contrib because it needed babylon and babylon needed
> rollup. Once I figured babylon can be built with babel and rollup was
> not required, I uploaded both babylon and babel together to main. If all
> dependencies are already in main, it can be uploaded to main, even
> though it depends on itself (The requirement is, it should be buildable
> in main and first upload is always binary included).

Thanks guys. I hope to have a couple of days holiday soon, which I will
try and devote to bluebird. In the meantime, I have some RC bugs and
transitions to try and kick off before Buster is frozen (I missed them
already for stretch) :-)
But if I fail, anyone from the team is welcome to chip in.

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