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Bug#779305: Update on dependencies

On Sun, 1 Oct 2017 17:36:14 +0200, Ross Gammon <ross@the-gammons.net> said:

> Yes - any help getting bluebird finished would be welcome. I have been
> conscious that it would very soon become a blocker for many things,
> but have lacked the time to get back onto it. It probably also needs
> to have a bootstrap trip via contrib, as it needs a prebuilt version
> of itself to build.

I don't think contrib would help since packages in main aren't allowed
to build-depend on things in contrib.  I think it would be OK to include
the pre-built JS files as long as they're the same as the resulting
files, so that people can verify that it's built properly.  Also, since
they're un-minified, and the build process seems to be mostly trivial
(some macros and removing comments and asserts), it isn't that hard to
see that it does come from the source.

> I found some old local updates that I had not pushed, so I just pushed
> them. If you push to another branch like Pirate says Hubert, we can
> merge all the best bits.

I don't have push access to Alioth, but I've put it up in my own
personal git repo: http://vcs.uhoreg.ca/git/cgit/node-bluebird/  I've
split everything up into separate commits so that it's easy to pick and
choose which ones to include.

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