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Bug#692465: RFA: aiccu -- SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility

On 2016-10-10 00:13, Axel Beckert wrote:

> Probably Fiber7 by Init7
> which also already provides the SixXS PoP I'm using now, so I have an
> idea of how their IPv6 connectivity is about. But iWay is also
> thinking about offering static IPv6 on Fiber, so that would be another
> choice.

Did you call any of these?

> The only one offering FTTH
> connectivity there is Unitymedia (as carrier as well as ISP).

That is not FIBER. That is DOCSIS link with "Fiber in the core network",
you know, how most of the Internet is actually connected in the long haul.

As long as there no ONT in your room, you are not getting actual Fiber,
you are getting DOCSIS for getting it in the house. That is simply cable

> I explicitly asked, too, if they offer DS-Lite like UPC in Switzerland
> does and they denied.

Maybe you should check their website, or the user forums. You'll find
lots of people who are forced to use it.

>> How often did you really call?
> "Call" as in using the telephone you mean? Never. *g* But kidding
> aside. I asked twice so far:

The trick is that when you call you are talking to a person.

When you are talking to a person, that costs the company support costs
as they have to pay that person. That person then logs an item "customer
asked for IPv6".

The more people do that, the more often they know "oh, they really want

As long as people do not call, which you could have been doing in the
last decade and more, they will not know that their customers want IPv6.

Hence, you are part of the problem.

Doing a 'chat' allows one person to handle 50 customers at the same
time, they do not tally that as it does not matter in cost.

Talking though, that consumes a telephone line and a person: costs more.

Guess what is the biggest cost for an ISP moving to IPv6?
People or upgrading hardware?

We (SixXS) cannot keep on telling people to call their ISPs.

We have done our task: we made it possible for well over 15 years to let
people try and use IPv6, figure out how to transition, figure out what
the problems are.

That the users are lazy and never bothered to Call their ISP, is not
something we can solve.

And no, we are not going to be bigger annoyances about it to ask people
to click on a link in an email every week or something else. People
already hate it enough that we are shutting down something they have
been receiving for free.


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