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Bug#692465: RFA: aiccu -- SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility


I'm yet another DD who's interested in having that package maintained
properly in Debian (and who NMUed it once in the past for that
reason). But I don't want to maintain that package alone.

Reinier Haasjes wrote:
> Due to lack of time and interest in maintaining this package, I request
> an adopter for the aiccu package.
> I still use aiccu from time to time, but I'm not able to invest
> energy in it for the time being, so it's better not to pretend I'm
> still maintaining it.

Reinier, would you nevertheless be interested in occassionally
contributing to the package, e.g. within a packaging team?

Barak A. Pearlmutter wrote:
> I have a slightly updated version in
>   git://github.com/barak/aiccu.git

Thanks a lot for that work, much appreciated!

I've published an further updated packaging at


based on the original packaging (like your repo), then integrated all
existing NMUs and then merged your packaging repo of that:


To be able to do the merging properly, I had to revert that one commit
which (IMHO unnecessarily) refreshed and renamed all patches and add
some finetuning:


Until further notice (see below), I'd push potential further updates
to the GitHub repo above.

> I would warmly welcome co-maintainers.

Me, too. So I think forming a (either formal or informal) team seems
to be the right way.

Barak: Are you still interested in joining such a team despite you
cancelled your upload back then?

> (The easiest way to do this would be to just send a pull request with
> yourself added to Uploaders: in debian/control.)

I'd prefer people adding themselves to Uploaders (where possible),
too, but I don't mind adding people manually if they tell me by mail.

> The main pending issues as I see them:
>  - proper integration into "network manager", right now it comes up but
>    the gnome icon stays "three dots" instead of "UP!"

Probably valid, despite I wouldn't dare to use Network Manager on
routers. :-)

>  - any tweaks needed for systemd integration.

Not my speciality either. sysvrc/openrc fanboy here. ;-)

>  - sixxs now allows username/tunnel as the user id, with the ability to
>    set a per-tunnel password.  The could be integrated.

That's more important than ever IMHO. It seems that giving the tunnel
ID in the username field seems a requirement since recently. At least
I didn't get it working anymore without that after a reboot.

>  - when there is more than one tunnel available, it is not always
>    properly set in aiccu.conf, requiring manual editing.

No experience here.

Mike Gabriel wrote:
> as a regular user of aiccu (and a DD) I will be happy to take over
> maintenance of the aiccu package.

Mike: So you'd join a team, too? Great!

> I will in short copy the packaging Git to
> git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/aiccu.git.

Either never or at least no more exists.

> Please create yourself an account on alioth.debian.org and apply for
> team membership in the collab-maint group.

I consider requesting collab-maint membership for non-DDs an
unnecessary bureaucratic hurdle -- and potential danger for Debian since
it grants write access to all other repos under collab-maint, too.
Hence I would prefer:

* A separate Alioth project for Aiccu packaging if non-DDs would like
  to join the team.

* Stay with collab-maint, if we only expect DDs to join the team.

If I don't hear back from Jeroen and Torge rather soon, I'd create a
collab-maint project.

If either Jeroen, Torge or both would like to join the packaging team,
I'd create a "pkg-aiccu" project on Alioth, and give commit access to
anyone who'd like to join (and admin access to any DD who'd like to
join to reduce the bus factor admin-wise).

> I guess having a DD as maintainer is preferred to going via
> mentors.debian.net and the d-m ML.

At least I prefer having a Debian team over sponsoring via

midget wrote:
> I was reading the thread on this bug, and don't really know what's
> the status of this RFA. Anyone can give an update?

Here you go. If you've read this far, you've got most of the requested
update. ;-)

> PS: I also may be interested in maintain|co-maintain this software.

You're very welcome to join the potential team of Debian Aiccu

Jeroen Massar wrote:
> We are in the process of finalizing the long long overdue of minor fixes
> but more importantly a lot of new features for AICCU that have been
> added since the last release and pushing our full repo to:
>  https://github.com/SixXS/aiccu
> to make the AICCU development process a lot more open and transparent by
> making use of the various features that github offers (git repo, bug
> tracker, patch integration etc).

Jeroen: Unfortunately that repository is still empty. Any plans to
still move Aiccu's upstream development to GitHub? (I'd still
appreciate that move.)

		Regards, Axel
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