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Bug#692465: RFA: aiccu -- SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility

On 2016-10-10 10:31, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Furthermore, I quite like taking my IPv6 IP with me on mobile devices
> (at the moment, I use VPN for that, though). Plus having a static IPv6
> IP at home (although my ISP assigns dynamic prefixes to my DSL landline
> link).

Sounds like you already found what you really need: a VPN.

> And: I fully support the Call-your-ISP initiative.

Did you Call Your ISP then?

> But, as long as major providers e.g. like DigitalOcean are not capable
> of managing IPv6 properly [1], a value like Sixxs is highly appreciated!!!

Or you could chose with your money and find an ISP that properly
provides the service that you are paying for.

It is 2016. IPv6 testing and transition has been going on for too long
and too many companies that are receiving your money won't be budging as
they get away with it as long as you keep on using third party services.

One really has to wonder what kind of reliability people want when they
use a 3rd party for connectivity, while giving another lots of money
while they do not provide the service they actually want.

>>> It is 2016. SixXS won't be around for much longer to provide free
>>> connectivity
> Can you give any info on estimated end of service?

Please read https://www.sixxs.net/news/

All SixXS users got an email about this.

There is a reason why we ask to Call Your ISP.

You did not call, did you? Yeah, not a problem we cannot solve.

>> Yes, but until SixXS closes down, we want and need aiccu maintained
>> properly in Debian.
>>> Hence, better to stop wasting your time: Go Get Native IPv6.
>> I disagree that bringing the package back in shape is a waste of time,
>> especially if getting native IPv6 is not yet possible everywhere at
>> the moment.
> I fully disagree here, too.

Then why did you not bother to do anything about the situation in the
last decade?

Why bother now?

> I have seen several people using aiccu and
> those people shall have a working Sixxs client that is well maintained
> in Debian until the service finally gets removed from the internet.

See above... soon.

> @Axel: Please add me to the Uploaders: field, I'll see what I can do
> from time to time to fix aiccu issues. I will not start the initial
> fixing now, as I have too many things on my list, but I will join in
> later on.

And another one that promises things that will never happen.

Please, just do not bother.


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