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collab-maint join requests on Alioth


in order to make collab-maint[1] applications on Alioth faster, we would like
to introduce a super light procedure. Here it is:

 * What is collab-maint

collab-maint is an Alioth project for repositories where group
maintenance can happen. All DDs have commit access to it by default, and
non-DDs can have it if needed.

 * What if I need to apply

You normally apply when you would like to work as part of a group to
maintain some package.

To do so, please follow two steps:

 1. Request to apply using the Alioth interface at [1].
 2. Ask a DM or DD, with whom you are going to work, to send a *signed*
    email to nm@debian.org saying "Please accept the request of
    FIRSTNAME LASTNAME USERNAME-guest to join collab-maint. We are going
    to work together on project PROJECTNAME".

It is important that the email sent by the advocate mentions the alioth
username, otherwise we cannot know which request we need to approve.

 * What if I am a DM, do I need to find an advocate?

No, you can just:

 1. Request to apply using the Alioth interface at [1].
 2. Send a *signed* mail to nm@debian.org saying "I am a DM and I need
    access to collab-maint. My alioth account name is NAME-guest and I
    am going to work on project PROJECTNAME"

Remember to sign the email using the key that you use as a DM, of

 * I am already in the collab-maint queue, what do I need to do?

Please ask a DM or DD to send the signed mail to nm@debian.org, as
explained above. That allows us to approve your request easily.

 * What if I do not know any DD or DM who could approve me?

collab-maint is for collaborative maintenance of Debian packages; you
will need a DD or DM to work with you in order to get the package
uploaded into the archive.

If you just need a shared repository to work on a personal project, you
should probably use some services that exist for this purpose, like
Gitorious, Savannah, GitHub, SourceForge, and so on.

If for some good reason the procedure above does not work for you and
you still need access to collab-maint, please contact nm@debian.org
explaining the situation and we will try to work something out.

 * What happens next?

A few days after all the steps have been completed, you should get an
email from Alioth saying that you are now a member of the collab-maint

[1] http://alioth.debian.org/projects/collab-maint/

Enrico on behalf of Front Desk

GPG key: 4096R/E7AD5568 2009-05-08 Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org>

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