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Bug#695130: openmotif is now LGPL, retirement of lesstif in jessie?

> Paul: I saw your mail regarding my request to join collab-maint, thanks.


> I have also created another PPA for testing packages built against it here:
> https://launchpad.net/~ginggs/+archive/motif

Good. Nice to see that you take this seriously.

> The good news is that most of the packages built and ran simply by
> changing the build-depends on lesstif2-dev to libmotif-dev.

That is what I was hoping indeed.

> The were a few that required an additional build-depends on libxt-dev,
> and then the odd ones that required build-depends on libxext-dev,
> libxp-dev or libxft-dev.

I think it is good to note these for each package individually, indeed.
However, regarding libxp-dev, Debian actually wants to get rid of it
[1]. Not sure what to do with that. I guess (not checked yet) you also
build motif without xp support.

> I believe this is due to lesstif2-dev depending on just about every
> libx*-dev package unnecessarily.

Could very well be. I think it is good to clean this up then. But
please, lets wait until after the release of Wheezy, or we should make
it absolutely clear that the bug that you file is only going to need
solving after the release. It should not distract too many people at
this stage in time.

> Other packages like pcb, paw and its dependent, cernlib, may need some
> packages renamed; pcb-lesstif, libpawlib-lesstif3-dev,
> libpawlib-lesstif3-gfortran and libpacklib-lesstif1-dev.

I would say that that is up to the maintainers of these packages. But of
course we should let them know.

> Should I proceed with filing wishlist bugs against the packages
> requiring additional build-depends?

Hmm. At least you should wait until the package is in experimental. And
again, if you/we do that, you/we should make it absolutely clear that
until Wheezy release this should only be done in experimental.
Furthermore, I think it is a good idea for the moment to state that
people have the option to change to motif instead of lesstif. The Debian
wide decision to migrate has not been taken (and again, that should only
be done after the release of Wheezy).


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/623643

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