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Bug#657076: Updating and maintaining barry in Debian / Ubuntu

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 10:20:10AM +0100, intrigeri wrote:
> I don't understand very well what you are expecting from the
> Debian maintainer. Be them anyone else or (soon?) yoursef, what they
> must put in debian/changelog is:

Oh, I know the changelog must be updated, but some maintainers have
the opinion that upstream should not have a debian/ directory.
So when they do, there's conflicts.

If the Debian maintainer wants to keep it up to date, I'm happy to let
him, since my main changelog is in the git commit fields anyway.  I don't
usually get patches to my repo for the debian/ directory, so I ended up
trying to keep changes to debian/ minimal, so that the diffs for downstream
would be smaller.

Of course, if I'm the maintainer, I'll have to keep it more up to date
than I have been.

>   * use git-dch to get intermediary snapshots versions (this will give
>     you something like 0.18.0-1~1.gbp9cb656, 0.18.0-1~2.gbp646619 and
>     so on) that won't conflict between themselves or with the official
>     Debian ones, and that will provide sane upgrade paths.

Cool... I may need to look into this.

- Chris

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