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Bug#657076: Updating and maintaining barry in Debian / Ubuntu

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 02:04:42AM +0100, intrigeri wrote:
> > 	Changelog:
> > 	The changelog needs to be kept up to date in Debian.  I've
> > 	tried to limit myself to just using my own entry at the top,
> > 	but I'm willing to find a better way to share that file if
> > 	downstream wants to work with me.
> Are you thinking of the upstream ChangeLog or of debian/changelog?

I'm referring to the upstream debian/changelog.  If the Debian maintainer
zaps what I have, and just uses his own debian/ directory, there's no
conflict, but there have been conflicts in the past, when we both update
it, and so I've tried to keep my changes there minimal.

> This versionned dependency was brought in Debian by Riku Voipio's
> 0.15-1.1 NMU. It seems (being offline, I've not checked the actual
> packages) this change was actually imported from... Ubuntu's
> 0.15-1ubuntu1, uploaded to Ubuntu for Lucid by Bhavani Shankar
> <right2bhavi@gmail.com> on 06 Nov 2009. I guess one particularly
> interested in supporting Ubuntu 8.04 would need to see with this
> person, and possibly others at Ubuntu, why they did this undocumented
> change in the first place.


> Sure. What about subscribing to the package PTS?
>    -> http://packages.qa.debian.org/b/barry.html

I didn't realize this was possible.  Thanks.  There is an upper limit
on what an upstream maintainer can subscribe to, though, given the sheer
number of distros and versions of distros available, plus the number of
BlackBerry forums where Barry is discussed.  I can't track them all.
But I'm a Debian user on my main system, so maybe it gets special
treatment. :-)

> Feel free to ask questions.


> >>   * missing manpages for bktrans, brimtrans and btranslate
> Either they're not installed, and I will just shut up :)

They've been removed. :-)

> I'm not sure I'll do any more active work on this topic myself, but
> don't hesitate asking questions; also, I'll be happy to sponsor
> uploads if the need arises, that is if a team without Debian
> developers with upload rights adopts the barry package in debian.

I understand, but I appreciate the work you've done so far.

- Chris

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