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Bug#657076: Updating and maintaining barry in Debian / Ubuntu


Chris Frey wrote (27 Jan 2012 02:58:23 GMT) :
>> > 	Changelog:
>> > 	The changelog needs to be kept up to date in Debian.  I've
>> > 	tried to limit myself to just using my own entry at the top,
>> > 	but I'm willing to find a better way to share that file if
>> > 	downstream wants to work with me.
>> Are you thinking of the upstream ChangeLog or of debian/changelog?

> I'm referring to the upstream debian/changelog. If the Debian
> maintainer zaps what I have, and just uses his own debian/
> directory, there's no conflict, but there have been conflicts in the
> past, when we both update it, and so I've tried to keep my changes
> there minimal.

I don't understand very well what you are expecting from the
Debian maintainer. Be them anyone else or (soon?) yoursef, what they
must put in debian/changelog is:

  * the entry corresponding to the new uploaded version
  * [optional: entries corresponding to intermediate, not uploaded
    versions; the version numbers must be strictly between the
    previously uploaded version, and the newly uploaded one.]
  * the content of the debian/changelog file present in the last
    upload to Debian

The Debian maintainer *has to* maintain debian/changelog. If you're
changing it too in the upstream repo, very well, but then there will
be conflicts, unavoidably. The good news are: these conflicts are
nothing surprising, often seen e.g. when maintaining a -backports
branch, and trivial to resolve.

Am I failing to see the actual problem?

My suggestion would be: 

  * only publish your changes to debian/changelog when you actually
    want to publish a snapshot package, be it in the upstream APT
    repository or into Debian.
  * use git-dch to get intermediary snapshots versions (this will give
    you something like 0.18.0-1~1.gbp9cb656, 0.18.0-1~2.gbp646619 and
    so on) that won't conflict between themselves or with the official
    Debian ones, and that will provide sane upgrade paths.

> But I'm a Debian user on my main system, so maybe it gets special
> treatment. :-)


>From my experience as an upstream developer, bug reports coming from
Debian generally are more useful than the many "it does not work" one
can repeatedly receive from other sources. In other words, they are
generally *bug reports*, rather than help requests (which are fine by
themselves, especially when submitted to the right place).

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