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Bug#628997: gecko-mediaplayer maintenance


thank you for uploading gmtk.

On 01/06/2012 01:03 AM, Aron Xu wrote:
> IMHO for the most commonly used build systems, like autotools and cmake, the
> license of those files can be omitted in d/copyright.
> As you had mentioned, I did a quick check for gecko-mediaplayer's copyright and
> found two problems:
> 1.INSTALL is not licensed under GFDL, also GFDL isn't DFSG Free.

So we could actually drop all the build system related stuff in
debian/copyright? This would make it much more simpler.

> 2.For files that have multiple licenses, for example MPL-1.1, GPL-2+
> and LGPL-2.1+,
>  we need to add the "license block" in d/copyright, also including the
> actual text of
>  those three licenses.

Isn't it enough the way it is? We have the text of all three licenses in an
extra block and the files are marked appropriately.

We probably should ask upstream to clarify the copyright status of src/*.[c,h].
Most of the files seam to be modified a lot.

Kind regards,
Sebastian Ramacher

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