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Bug#320492: Differences between dhcp3-relay and dhcp-helper.

Looks great.  Small edits suggested below.


> Description: A DHCP relay agent.
**             DHCP relay agent     [no "."]

>  Dhcp-helper is a DHCP and BOOTP relay agent. It listens for DHCP
** dhcp-helper  [not Dhcp - the real package name is all lowercase]

>  and BOOTP broadcasts on directly connected subnets and relays
>  them to DHCP or BOOTP servers elsewhere. Dhcp-helper is much smaller
**                                          dhcp-helper

>  than the more-common ISC dhcp3-relay package and it does not require
** than dhcp3-relay, and it does not require

>  the "Linux Packet Filter" facility to be present in the kernel. This
** the Packet Filter kernel facility to be present. This

>  makes it a good choice for use on small or embedded systems. Unlike
>  dhcp3-relay, dhcp-helper can be configured to forward DHCP requests
>  as broadcasts, and does not therefore need to be configured with the
** as broadcasts, and therefore does not need to be given the

>  IP address of the DHCP server, only the network in which it resides.

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