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Bug#320492: Differences between dhcp3-relay and dhcp-helper.

A brief summary of the differences between dhcp3-relay and dhcp-helper.

1) Size

/usr/sbin/dhcrelay3 size is 157240 octets
/usr/sbin/dhcp-helper is  9924 octets

2) Kernel requirements

dhcrelay3 needs the Linux Packet Filter Facility available in the kernel, dhcp-helper doesn't. This allows a smaller kernel.

3) Configuration

dhcp-helper can be configured to forward DHCP requests to whole-network broadcast, rather than having to know the IP address of the DHCP server. dhcrelay3 can't. dhcp-helper will work with more than one relay in series, dhcrelay won't.

In general, dhcp-helper fits better on embedded-router type systems (which is what it was written for). Embeded Debian is a coming thing.....



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