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Bug#320492: Differences between dhcp3-relay and dhcp-helper.

Peter Samuelson wrote:
[Simon Kelley]

A brief summary of the differences between dhcp3-relay and dhcp-helper.

1) Size
2) Kernel requirements
3) Configuration

Yeah - this is the sort of thing to include in the long description.
Except somewhat shorter than your email was.  Otherwise none of these
things will be obvious to anyone looking for a DHCP relay agent.


How about this:

Description: A DHCP relay agent.
 Dhcp-helper is a DHCP and BOOTP relay agent. It listens for DHCP
 and BOOTP broadcasts on directly connected subnets and relays
 them to DHCP or BOOTP servers elsewhere. Dhcp-helper is much smaller
 than the more-common ISC dhcp3-relay package and it does not require
 the "Linux Packet Filter" facility to be present in the kernel. This
 makes it a good choice for use on small or embedded systems. Unlike
 dhcp3-relay, dhcp-helper can be configured to forward DHCP requests
 as broadcasts, and does not therefore need to be configured with the
 IP address of the DHCP server, only the network in which it resides.



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